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Dr Oz Best & Worst: July 18 2011

Dr Oz re-aired his Best & Worst of 2010 show on July 18 2011.  This show included the following segments: the Best & Worst Weight Loss Tips, the Best & Worst Hot Flashes & Constipation Tips, the Best & Worst Ways to Sleep Well, the Best & Worst Herbal Supplements, and the Best & Worst Restaurant Foods.

Dr Oz: Inca Peanuts

Doctor Oz’s show, as always, was packed full of tips for everything from losing weight to not wasting money at the Dr Oz July 18 2011drugstore.  For example, the worst diet pills are Ephedrine, while Dr Oz’s favorite diet pill is Glucomannan.  Trade in your afternoon snack of granola bars, which tend to have tons of sugar, for some Inca Peanuts or Sacha Inchi Nuts.  Dr Oz said that Inca Peanuts are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E, which help to prevent Heart Disease.  Plus, Inca Peanuts are a fabulous source of fiber (two times the amount found in walnuts!).  And if you are looking to boost your metabolism, start using more of the cayenne pepper in your spice cabinet.

Dr Oz: Sage Extract Pills

Dr Oz was joined by Suzy Cohen, author of Diabetes Without Drugs, to discuss some of the best and worst things that you can buy at the drugstore for common aches and pains.  If you have muscle pain, skip the menthol-based creams and instead try a heating pad.  If you are suffering from hot flashes, try Sage Extract Pills instead of Evening Primrose Oil which has no scientific proof of working.  What about for chest congestion?  Dr Oz said to use Cough Expectorant rather than Cough Suppressant, which prevents you from coughing up the phlegm.  And my favorite drugstore tip of all – if you are constipated, try probiotic supplements!  Ever since I started taking probiotics, I am a total convert.  I have never been this regular or felt this great!

Dr Oz Supplements

Among Dr Oz’s favorite Herbal Supplements were things to treat migraines and arthritis.  Feverfew is Doctor Oz’s go-to herbal supplement suggestion for migraines.  Chondroitin helps to minimize Arthritis pain.  Korean Red Ginseng can help boost the love in your life.  And Astragalus has anti-viral characteristics that increase your immunity.


  1. Peggy Lillard says

    I have people coming to me all the time to get help for thier migraines. I have a HAWTHORN tree in my back yard. I have to beat the birds to it as soon as it gets ripe because they love it. I gather the berries and make tea for migraines. It will stop a migraine in about 15 minutes.What it does is releases the restricted blood vessels in the back of the neck, or that is what I think it is doing. Please check it out and let me know what you think it is doing to stop the migraine. I know if I charged for this I could make good money but I would rather let people know there is a cure out there with no side effects like the pills you get.

  2. says

    I’m pretty sure it’s the PGX fiber he recommended to take before eating to fill you up quicker to help you lose weight.

  3. Melissa says

    The PGX is awesome. I ordered it, or tried to, the day the show aired back in June. Amazon.com was so flooded with requests bec of the show that my order was back ordered. I received it 3 weeks ago and I love it. I found a health food grocery (Central Market) that sells it so I bought another box! I use it once or twice a day. It has been a gem!

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